Low Carbon Gordano

Low Carbon Gordano Limited is a form of co-operative called a Community Benefit Society, sometimes called a BenCom. Read about the directors

LCG’s purpose is to help the local community to reduce energy costs and become more sustainable by reducing the carbon footprint. More specifically they aim to raise funds to enable them to install renewable energy systems and use the surplus income from these systems, via a Community Fund to enable work that reduces people’s energy consumption – for example, by improving home energy efficiency.

LCG’s Vision:

A low carbon future for the Gordano Community and the wider world using a co-operative model to ensure participation and ownership.

LCG’s Objectives:

  1. Achieving carbon reduction through developing renewable energy generation schemes and investing in energy reduction programmes.
  2. Generating a financial surplus for reinvestment in carbon reduction projects in our community.
  3. Maximising local business and employment opportunities to help develop a sustainable local economy.
  4. Encouraging all sectors of the community to adopt a low carbon lifestyle
  5. Collaborating with energy deprived communities in other parts of the world to achieve fairer, sustainable, low carbon lifestyles.