Small solar schemes

Northleaze School has 194 panels with a peak output of 49.9kW.

Northleaze opening

View an aerial video of the opening  celebration HERE

Church House has 36 panels with a peak output of 9.9kW

Church House, Long Ashton

Clevedon YMCA has 18 panels and a peak output of 5.4kW

Clevedon YMCA

Small Schemes performing well

The three small schemes have all performed well since starting operation at the end of 2015. In addition we have recently commissioned a 194kw roof scheme at Churchill Academy, and generation from this site will be included in these figures from now on.  Up to the end of September 2019 the four schemes had generated 404,583 kWh of electricity and saved 212 tonnes of CO2. Overall the schemes are generating around 9% above predicted despite some dull months in the past year.

The charts below show the performance of the schemes against predicted.

Church House Sept 19 Churchill Sept 19 Northleaze Sept 19 YMCA Sept 19


Working with our partners Solarsense we have completed our first three community roof projects and thanks to their excellent efforts these schemes were completed before the 15th January 2016 deadline set by the government for the major reduction in Feed-in-Tariff for solar PV. The installations were actually completed before the 31st December so we have also avoided the smaller FIT reduction that came into force on 1 January 2016.  The three schemes total 66kW with 50kW at Northleaze School, 10kW at Church House, and 6kW at the YMCA.

All three building owners worked hard with us, working to very tight timescales, to resolve the legal and financial issues involved in these schemes. Solarsense also had to overcome a number of technical issues as well as carrying out the installations in the middle of some very poor weather conditions over the Christmas and New Year holiday period.

We are particularly pleased to have completed our first school project at Northleaze School in Long Ashton. This is a church school and as well as the governing body who were very supportive we also received the support of the Diocese of Bath & Wells who own the school. We will be installing an on-line monitoring system and will be working with the school to develop an education programme focusing on renewable energy and combating climate change.

The  vicar and churchwardens at All Saints Church in Long Ashton are also trustees of the school and Church House and their enthusiasm coupled with that of the governors and staff at the school were key to making the two Long Ashton projects a reality.

We are also grateful to the trustees of the YMCA who are committed to reducing both their energy costs and their carbon footprint. They have made major improvements to their old Victorian building in Clevedon and we hope to be working with them in future to make their building even more sustainable.

From 15 January 2016 the feed-in-tariff for roof schemes was cut from 11.2p to 4.5p/kWh. Despite this we would like to encourage more schools and community buildings in and around North Somerset to get involved although the cost savings we can deliver will be significantly less. We believe there are also opportunities to work with large commercial buildings such as supermarkets and premises with high daytime energy demands to cut their use of fossil-fuelled energy and reduce their carbon footprint.


Updated: 16 October 2019


One of our energy saving initiatives is EASY - Energy Saving Advice for You offering impartial energy advice to householders in the Gordano communities. thermal As part of this EASY service we offer home energy quick checks and thermal images of homes which can show where heat is escaping.  If you would like to find out more please email us.

Moorhouse performance


30 Sept 2019

Generation: 8,387 MWh

CO2 saved: 4,400 tonnes

Ham Lane performance


30 Sept 2019

Generation: 3,770 MWh

CO2 saved: 1,978 tonnes