Moorhouse solar array taking shape

View of part of Moorhouse array showing 5 landscape panel layout – Avonmouth windturbines in background

View under panels

The Moorhouse array is now taking shape with panels installed in one field and the majority of the frame tables now in place across the site.

Western Power have made the connection to the grid and installed the substation and connection box. These can be seen in the view below which shows a frame table in the centre field  prior to fitting the panels. (Note the very wet conditions!)

View showing  frame table with WPD substation and connection cabinets in background.

It has not been possible to energise the array before Christmas as  had originally been planned. After the initial delay because of access issues with the oil pipeline, problems arose with delivery of the frame supports. And then three weeks ago the inverter manufacturer went into liquidation. The boxed up inverters and transformer assembly were ready for delivery from Germany when the news came. Solarsense considered a number of options but quickly came to the decision that the Solarmax inverters would have to be replaced and urgent enquiries were made to find alternative inverters that would fit in the enclosure. New inverters have been ordered from a companyy called LTi Reenergy which is a German company and part of the Korber group which is a large German conglomerate.

The latest estimate is that the the inverter cabinet will arrive on site in the middle  of February by which time all the other infrastructure will be in place and it should be possible to complete the installation and carry out the final grid connection tests by the end of February.

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