Meet the Team

We have an experienced Board with the following qualities:

    • Expertise in renewable energy and energy efficiency projects
    • Business experience and organisational management
    • Electricity contracting experience
    • Accounting and financial expertise
    • Long history of working on community projects

All elected Directors of Low Carbon Gordano are unpaid.

All elected Directors have invested in LCG and are also Members.

Chris Stuart-Bennett
Member Director

In the mid 2010’s, Chris moved from heading up the global energy efficiency and renewable energy strategy for a FTSE 100 company to working in the community energy sector.

He was initially co-opted onto the LCG Board in 2017 and then formally elected as a director in 2019, taking over from Bob Langton as Chair in September 2021.

Chris is particularly involved in project development and project management work for LCG.

Bob Langton
Member Director

Bob trained as a scientist before teaching in schools for 25 years and for 10 years he was head of a large Bristol comprehensive. He subsequently worked as an international education consultant, especially in the Middle East and Africa, and most recently in a major EU-funded project in Iraq.

Retired since 2013, Bob has lived in Pill since 1986. He has been a Parish Councillor for 24 years, and for the past 8 years Vice-Chair of the Council.

He was a founder member of Sustainable Pill & District and now leads the Council’s work to implement changes in the village since its declaration of a Climate and Biodiversity Emergency in 2019.

Bob was a founder director of LCG in 2011 and was re-elected in 2015 and 2018. He served as Chair of the Board from 2019-2021.

Brian Titley
Member Director

Brian has been employed in Co-operative and Social Enterprises since 1985.

He joined Co-operative Assistance Network (CAN) in 1999 where he has specialised in working with more than a hundred different enterprises on their financial management (projections, raising finance, recording systems and reporting), legal structures and strategic planning.

Brian co-authored CAN’s information booklet “Raising Finance for your Enterprise” and wrote the “Financing a social business” section of Business Wales’ website.

He is seconded to serve on the Board of several enterprises as a Finance specialist and has, until recently, served as a Director and the Treasurer of Co-operative and Community Finance. Through a combination of experiences through all of these routes Brian has accumulated a unique understanding of the financing of asset acquisition in the community business sector, and the issues around capitalisation and generating return on investment.

Brian has a keen interest in the community energy sector and has developed a financial model that can quickly and accurately assess financial viability of any wind or solar scheme.

Brian worked at University of Southampton, Business Engineering Group, 1997 to 1998, researching into management needs in growth SMEs.

Brian is a SFEDI accredited business advisor with additional social enterprise units, and an Associate member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

Hilary Sudbury
Co-opted Director
Society Secretary

Accreditations: Community Led Homes (CLH) Accredited Advisor – 2019; Fully Licensed Community Shares Practitioner – 2015; Co-operative and Social Enterprise Adviser Accreditation – 2004; SFedi Business Support plus Social Enterprise Standards Accreditation – 2008 & 2010.

Experience: Specialist business development support including incorporation, governance, raising finance & business planning for co-operative and community led organisations since 1996, including:

  • Pre-feasibility & start up across the whole range of legal structures and organisational types including Community Land Trusts, Housing Co-operatives, Co-housing and Intentional Communities;
  • Conversion of an existing business (or service) to a co-operative or community led model including feasibility and process;
  • Governance reviews & growth issues within established co-operatives and community led organisations;
  • Using Community Shares as part of the funding mix, including assessment and awarding the Standard Mark

Consultancy work;

  • Associate Adviser for Co-operative Assistance Network Ltd
  • Adviser and Specialist Adviser for Plunkett Foundation

Hilary was co-opted to the Board in 2018.

Helen Rumford
Co-opted Director

Helen has over 16 years’ experience working as a renewables lawyer specialising in the property aspects of renewable energy projects. She has spent most of her working life acting for solar and wind farm developers.

She now heads up GA Energy, a bespoke energy law service provided by GA Solicitors and acts for both landowners and developers advising on a range of renewables matters including options, leases and project acquisition and disposal work.

She has a particular interest in solar, wind, anaerobic digestion, energy storage and community energy.

Helen was co-opted to the Low Carbon Gordano Board in 2016.

Steve Cayzer
Member Director

Steve works at the University of Bath, where he leads the Education aspects of the Climate Action Framework, the University’s strategic response to climate change.

He also teaches courses on strategy, innovation and project management while his research covers sustainability in business, society and education.

Previously he worked as an IT consultant and project manager before joining Hewlett-Packard and co-founding HP’s first lab dedicated to sustainability. He is a founder member of Transition Nailsea.

Steve joined the Board in 2014 and was re-elected in 2017.

Stuart Urquhart
Member Director

Stuart has 20 years’ experience working as a contracts lawyer with TLT in Bristol and in that time has advised on hundreds of renewable energy projects.

This includes work for Triodos Bank on dozens of wind, solar and other projects it has financed over the years, as well as advice given to many different solar and other renewables developers on power purchase agreements and other contracts.

He has had a personal interest in environmental matters for over 20 years and feels that he is now in a position where he can make a tangible contribution to LCG.

Stuart was elected to the Board in 2019.

David Clegg
Member Director

David has lived in Clevedon since 1990, having moved to the area with Lloyds Bank when they relocated to Bristol. He worked in Procurement and latterly on large outsourcing contracts and the ongoing supplier management of them.

He retired in 2016 and has been volunteering for various local organisations since then, including LCG.

David is very concerned about climate change and the need to decarbonise our economy, particularly the electricity grid, our homes and aviation. David is a member of LCG’s EV Working Group, alongside Stuart and Kirsty, and has taken over monitoring and reporting on the performance of all LCG’s solar installations.

Sarah Halstead
Member Director

Sarah followed a Masters in geotechnical engineering at Imperial College with work in civil engineering on major public infrastructure projects including rail and power moving from engineering design houses to government clients to professional services.

Sarah is qualified and experienced in project management and currently directs a business unit at Turner and Townsend focussed on performance reporting and data analytics. She is experienced in working with boards and senior committees and her current focus is helping clients transform their data into information for decision making.

Sarah moved to Bristol from London in 2010 and now lives in Easton in Gordano.

She is supporting Chris on the development of the Channel Green Energy project.

Kirsty Shanahan
Co-opted Director

Kirsty is a professional marketer with 25 years’ experience in a wide range of industries, target markets and products communicating across all media channels.

Since leaving her role as PR and Marketing Manager for Florence Nightingale Hospice Charity, Kirsty founded Buckinghamshire Community Energy because she felt there was a lack of concrete progress in moving people and businesses towards carbon neutrality in Buckinghamshire. She has joined LCG to learn from a mature community energy bencom, and to share the perspective of a post-FIT start-up, as well as provide marketing expertise.

She has qualified for the Renewable Energy Expert Galileo Master Certificate from the European Centre of Technology, and is training to be a Domestic Energy Assessor. She is part of the LCG EV Working Group and manages the LCG website.

Mark Gale
Member Director

Mark is a Member and elected Director of the Low Carbon Gordano Board.

There are ideally eight Directors on the Low Carbon Gordano Board. Most are elected by the Members at an AGM. Some are co-opted Directors, with a view to becoming full Directors, upon standing for election by the Members.

All elected Directors must also be Members and have invested in Low Carbon Gordano.

Elected Directors usually stand down after three years and may stand for re-election if they wish.

If you are interested in joining the Board of Low Carbon Gordano, please do get in touch on