2018 Bond Offer

New Bond offer live on 21 March

We have been working for more than a year to bring a number of new projects to fruition and at last we are able to tell you about them and to announce the bond offer that we have launched this week to raise the necessary finance.

We are working with Mongoose Crowd to provide the platform for investing in these new projects and there is a link to the fundraising web page below.

We need to raise £447,000 to fund the installation of 540 solar panels on 4 roofs at Churchill Academy in North Somerset, and to purchase two 50kW ground mounted solar arrays at Brockley in North Somerset, as well as providing some additional finance to support share withdrawals.

The bond is being offered under the Innovative Finance ISA so people can invest up to £20,000 tax free each year. Our offer will run from 21 March 2018 until 30 April 2018 (or until we reach our target) so people will have the opportunity to invest in both the 2017/18 and 2018/19 tax years.


Click HERE to go to the Low Carbon Gordano page on the Mongoose Crowd website


Please note that investing through Mongoose Crowd puts your capital at risk and investment returns are not guaranteed. Be sure to read the complete risk warning on https://www.mongoosecrowd.co.uk/risk before deciding to invest.



Last updated: 27/3/18