Investing in LCG

Membership offer – applications welcome at any time
Low carbon Gordano is open to applications from people who wish to become members and this offer is not timebound.   New members must apply for membership and purchase only the minimum shareholding for membership, which is 50 shares at £10 each (£500).

If you are interested in learning more about our membership offer then please download and read the current membership offer document which includes the application form:

LCG Member Offer Document

Supporting information as referred to in the membership offer document is also available below:

LCG Business Plan 2019 final

LCG Open Share Offer document 2019

LCG Risk Register Sept 2019

LCG share repayment policy final version 2018

Open Share offer – not currently accepting applications:
Low Carbon Gordano has prepared an Open Share offer, which will be launched and promoted initially to existing members, and then more widely as necessary, at such time as new projects which require funds to be raised come on stream.

At this time, the open share offer document is available to download below although applications will only be accepted once Low Carbon Gordano are ready to receive more funds.   The supporting documentation for the Open Share offer can be found above under the current membership offer section.

LCG Open Share Offer policy final version 2018


Our Previous Share offers – closed:

Moorhouse share offer front pageHam Lane leaflet image

Low Carbon Gordano has now raised over £3 million from two share offers. The most recent, to raise funds for the Ham Lane Solar Array at Kingston Seymour in North Somerset, closed at the end of July 2015  having raised £970,000 in just 6 weeks from 175 investors at an average of £5,600.

The community share offer to raise funds for the Moorhouse Farm Solar Array closed in September 2014 with the full £2.2 million having been raised.

Thank you to everyone who invested in these projects. Everyone who buys shares becomes a member of Low Carbon Gordano and has a vote at the Annual General Meeting where major policy decisions are taken. We now have 460 members.

Further share offers will be posted on this website as and when they arise. If you would like to register your interest in becoming a member by buying shares to fund a future project please send an email to and we will keep you posted.