Ham Lane Share Offer Success!!

Ham Lane share offer reaches target!!

We are delighted to be able to announce that our share offer to fund the Ham Lane solar array has reached its target within the original 6 week deadline. We have now received £965,000 from 164 investors and we have officially closed the share offer.

We are now in active discussion with Solarsense to finalise the contract to build the array and expect to do this in the next week or so. Equipment can then be ordered and initial setting up on site can begin.

Share certificates will be prepared over the next few weeks and will be sent to existing and new members in due course.

So once again many thanks to everyone who has invested and helped us to develop the Ham Lane solar array as our second successful project.

Meanwhile the Moorhouse array is performing very well and generated over 13% more electricity in June than predicted in the contract. You can read more about Moorhouse on the website HERE

Jon Gething
Chair, Low Carbon Gordano
email: jongething@mac.com
tel: 07976 320445

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