Ham Lane Share Offer reaches 70% of target

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After five weeks the Ham Lane share offer has reached £645,000 which is 70% of the target of £930,000. So a massive thank you to everyone who has invested so far.

The response is very much as we expected it would be. We know from our successful Moorhouse Lane share offer that many people wait until the last week to invest so we are very hopeful that we will reach the target by the end of June.

Once we reach the target, the share offer will be closed and we will begin issuing the share certificates and at the same time we will confirm the contract with Solarsense to construct the array. They will be able to order the panels, inverters and mounting systems. Some of these items are on long lead times, up to 12 weeks, so it is important that they can place these orders as soon as possible. This will then allow the solar array to be constructed before the winter.

So If you are thinking of investing then please do so as soon as possible. The sooner we can start the project the sooner we can start paying interest to investors and the sooner we can see more low carbon electricity flowing into the grid. Ham Lane will also begin to contribute to the Community Fund and we will be able to support more low carbon projects within our community.

The share offer details are on our website at www.lcgshareoffer.org. where you can look at the Share Offer Document and download the application form. If you need a hard copy then email: registry@bwce.coop

So once again many thanks to everyone who has invested so far and we look forward to completing the share offer by the end of June and making Ham Lane solar array our second successful project.


Jon Gething

Chair, Low Carbon Gordano

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