Ham Lane Goes Live!

Ham lane goes live



Our latest project at Ham Lane was commissioned this week and went live on Wednesday 25 November. This means that we have now developed some 2.7 MW of clean renewable electricity generation, enough to power 750 homes.

Ham Lane will receive a FIT rate of 6.16p/kWh and we have negotiated a power purchase agreement at 4.85p/kWh for the electricity sold to the grid.

Looking forward we are awaiting the outturn of the DECC consultation on FIT rates which are set to reduce to 1.06p/kWh in January. This may well be delayed until March due to parliamentary procedures. There are also hints that there may be special arrangements for community energy.

At the moment however we are expecting the worse so we have no new large projects in the pipeline as the new FIT rates will not support the development of large solar schemes.

We are pressing ahead with three small roof mounted schemes using the surplus from our two previous share issues. These are for 10kW, 20kW, and 50kW schemes on three community buildings in Clevedon and Long Ashton. More details will be available once the schemes have been finalised but we hope to have them installed before the end of December.

We are also progressing the establishment of the Community Fund and an application form for grants will be available shortly. This will be promoted across our community area and especially around the locations of our Moorhouse and Ham Lane arrays.


Jon Gething
Chair Low Carbon Gordano

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