Newsletter 30/06/2020

Dear Member

I hope you have kept well through the months since the Covid-19 emergency began.  It has been a curious and challenging time for us as a Board, but I am pleased to say that our core business has been able to continue pretty much as normal, helped, of course, by so much glorious sunshine!

This newsletter covers two important issues for the Society.  First of all matters relating to the AGM, to be held online:  we hope that, inter alia, this will enable many members who would struggle to get to a venue in North Somerset to join the meeting.

Secondly, we are again offering members the chance to express their views on the long list of plans put forward for grants from the Megawatt Fund.


Low Carbon Gordano is a community benefit society, which is democratically run on a one member, one vote basis irrespective of the number of shares held.  Members have the right to appoint and dismiss directors and determine the affairs and rules of the society.

This year, along with our first online AGM, we are also trialling online Board elections.  We hope that online elections will encourage more participation from you, our members, as you will all have an opportunity to vote and not just those present at the AGM.  A small number of members, for whom we hold no email address, will receive forms and information by mail and these will also be available to download from our website.

The process and timeline for the online Board elections is as follows:

  • Now – Call for nominations for Board Elections
  • 14th August 20 – Last day to receive nominations from Members
  • 4th September 20 – Information on Members standing for election and instructions on how to vote circulated with Formal Notice of AGM
  • 18th September 20 – Voting in Board elections closes
  • 25th September 20 – Result of Board election announced at AGM

Following the retirement cycle of Directors as set out in our Rules, this year two Directors will be stepping down (but can stand for re-election) plus one vacancy existing on the Board, makes 3 Board places up for Election in 2020.  The call for self -nominations starts now.  Please read the attached documents and ensure that signed Self Nomination forms are returned by the cut-off date of 14th August 20:

Breaking News

We are very pleased to announce that the guest speaker at our 2020AGM will be Robert Llewellyn of Fully Charged and Red Dwarf fame.


The Megawatt Fund represents the combined annual community benefit fund contributions from both Low Carbon Gordano (LCG) and Bristol Energy Co-Operative (BEC). It is administered by Quartet Community Foundation who advertise the scheme, process the applications, organise the selection panel and award the grants. This year, we agreed to extend the closing date for applications to make allowance for the impact of the COVID 19 Pandemic.

That extended deadline has now passed. It has resulted in a very healthy 38 applications which total £163k. This compares with a total available this year of £49k. This represents the combined annual contributions from LCG and BEC plus a further £10k from the Bristol City Council Community Energy Fund. So, some tough decisions!

The Selection Panel is due to meet online on 29th. July but like last year, members of both Societies can have their say too. You can vet the applications and vote for your top five through a survey and this information will be incorporated as part of the final decision-making process of the Panel.

Remember that at the end of the day, it is your money!

So, if you would like to participate, then please:

1: Check the Fund application guidelines

2: Read the applications summary (see attached doc)

3: Register your top five choice via the survey monkey smart link

The closing date for survey returns is no later than 15.7.20 but please note that access to the survey will not be possible for about 12 hours from 16.00 on 3 July, when maintenance work is scheduled on the Surveymonkey website.

Low Carbon Gordano is a society that depends on its membership and I therefore hope you will take these opportunities to make your voice heard.  You will receive more information about the AGM in early September.

With best wishes

Bob Langton