LCG Members 2020 AGM

The LCG 2020 AGM will take place online on Friday 25th September 2020.

Further details will follow on this page as they become available.

Annual Accounts

Election of Directors

The position of director is an important one in LCG. Under its rules a third of the elected directors must retire each year. This year two existing directors will be stepping down but will be seeking re-election. In addition there is one vacant seat on the board available to be filled.

The following self-nomination statements were received by the Society Secretary by midnight on 14th August 2020.

Richard Bate (existing board member, re-standing for election)

As a LCG Board member since 2015, I bring a strong accumulated knowledge of the organisation and its values.  My contribution to the board includes the skills I bring from the commercial sector including accountancy, financial modelling, change and risk management as well as governance.

I have a deep interest in developing new business models and practice to combat the significant challenges the planet is facing in this climate emergency.

Mark Gale (LCG member shareholder, standing for election)

I have been a shareholder of community energy companies since 1998 when I purchased 500 shares in Baywind and consequently have seen how they have operated and what challenges and opportunities we came upon.  I am currently a shareholder in 9 – 6 solar and 3 wind.

We are currently in challenging times and with the emphasis on the local, there is an opportunity to expand the business with new investment. However, I see that investment being in the acquisition of existing operational solar farms and potentially in the Lawrence Weston wind turbine.  We need to give future potential investors a high level of confidence in our ability to operate a robust business.

In respect of one recent ‘opportunity’, that of the rooftop solar scheme in Southmead, Bristol, I did not consider that adequate due diligence had been carried out, as Bristol Energy Ltd was not an appropriate power purchaser. Had we financed this development; we would now have a substantial financial black hole.

I have written a number of due diligence reports (during the investment offer period) which assessed the  prospectuses of a number of community energy companies, assessing invest-ability and pointing out potential conflicts of interest, which were not flagged up. This developed my SWOT(strengths, weakness, opportunities and threats) analysis capabilities.

Our site adjacent to the M5 should be utilised for the promotion of community energy ownership by the siting of a water tanker on the site with ‘Low Carbon Gordano’ Community owned Solar Farm and ‘Invest with us’ on it. This should replace the Solarsence box trailer, that does not promote community ownership, but a private company, implying that they own the solar farm.

I have developed WEEEDS, which is Wheely Engaging Energy Education Delivered Simply, a hands-on energy experience that connects with the inquisitive brain within us all and consequently informs people about opportunities and challenges of a clean energy transition in a fun way.  This I would like to roll out to our communities, with the support of the company.

We should be wary of investing in energy storage as I believe that we do not have the resources to manage such assets effectively.

Stuart Urquhart (existing co-optee board member, standing for election)

I would like to continue working as a member of the Board, having been co-opted onto the Board earlier this year.

I have 20 years’ experience working as a contracts lawyer with TLT in Bristol and in that time have advised on hundreds of renewable energy projects. This includes work for Triodos Bank on dozens of wind, solar and other projects it has financed over the years, as well as advice given to many different solar and other renewables developers on power purchase agreements and other contracts.

I have also had a personal interest in environmental matters for over 20 years and feel that I am now in a position where I can make a useful contribution to LCG.

For more information about the role of Director please look at the following document: