LCG members 2018 AGM

The Annual General meeting of Low Carbon Gordano Ltd. will be held on Friday 21st September 2018 at The Folk Hall, 95 High Street, Portishead, BS20 6PR starting at 7.30pm.

Low Carbon Gordano has been in discussion over the summer with Avalon Community Energy (ACE) a community benefit society with similar aims and ideals as ourselves based in the Wells/Glastonbury area. We are working together to establish a partnership to develop a number of projects in their area. There will be a presentation at the AGM from myself and Jon Cousins from ACE setting out the proposals and timeframe for the collaboration.

To strengthen this partnership we are proposing to co-opt two members of ACE’s board to the board of LCG. In order to do this Brian Titley and Chris Stuart-Bennett who are currently co-opted will be standing for election to vacant places on the board.

The agenda for the meeting is set out below.


1: Welcome/apologies

2: Minutes of the last AGM held on 29 September 2017 – for approval 

3: Chairman’s report – what has been achieved in the past 12 months and plans for the future – Jon Gething

4: Questions and approval of Chairman’s report.

5: The Community Benefit Fund – annual report –Bob Langton

6: Resolution: to approve the new Community Benefit Policy which includes the transfer of the Community Benefit Fund administration to Quartet Community Foundation.

7 : Presentation of the Audited Accounts – Brian Titley 

8: Questions and approval of Accounts

9: Resolution: to approve the Directors’ recommendation that £15,000 be allocated to the Community Benefit Fund in the financial year 2018/2019.

10: Presentation on proposed partnership with Avalon Community Energy (ACE Ltd) – Jon Gething for LCG and Jon Cousins for ACE.

11: Election to the Board

12: Appointment of auditors

13: Close of AGM

Other questions

There will be time for informal questions to the Board after the official close of the meeting.


The papers for the AGM can be found by following the links below:

Notice of AGM 2018

Chair’s report 2018

Parent Company Financial Statements final

Moorhouse 2018 final

Ham Farm 2018 final

AGM 2017 Minutes_final

180901 CBFC annual report final

LCG Community Benefit policy AGM version.


Final Accounts

Consolidated Accounts 2018 final

Ham Farm 2018 final

Moorhouse 2018 final

Parent Company 2018 final


Election of Directors

The position of director is an important one in LCG. Under its rules a third of the elected directors must retire each year. This year existing directors Rob Lamoon and Paul Thurston will be standing down. Rob Lamoon will not be standing for re-election. Paul has indicated that he will be standing for re-election. There is already one vacant position on the board so there will therefore be three vacancies to fill at this election. Paul Thurston, Brian Titley and Chris Stuart-Bennett have indicated their wish to be elected to these vacant positions.

AGM-2018-Self-Nomination-form CSB


AGM-2018-Self-Nomination-form Paul Thurston

If any member of the Society wishes to stand for election to these vacancies they will need to complete the self-nomination form below and send it to the Society Secretary by Wednesday 19 September 2018.


For more information about the role of Director please look at the following document.

LCG board member job profile 9.18.


Last updated: 20/9/18