Only 4 days to use your 2017/18 ISA allowance

2 April 2018

Dear Members

Bond offer passes £200,000

4 days left to use your 2017/18 ISA allowance

After just 10 days our bond offer has passed the £200,000 mark and we are nearly half way to our target of £455,000.

The offer is open until the end of April (or until we reach our target) but if you are planning to invest in the bond offer and take advantage of this year’s ISA allowance then you have just 4 days to make your investment. The financial year ends next Thursday the 5 April.

Click HERE to go to the Low Carbon Gordano page on the Mongoose Crowd website

Please note that investing through Mongoose Crowd puts your capital at risk and investment returns are not guaranteed. Be sure to read the complete risk warning on before deciding to invest.

with best wishes

Jon Gething
Chair, Low Carbon Gordano

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